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How to complete 'Restoring Order' Task in Gray Zone Warfare

GNG News COD Published: May 5, 2024

Restoring Order is one of the opening missions handed to the play by Handshake. It requires you head into town and eliminate 15 enemy AI. It is worth stacking this Task up with other Task so multiple can be completed at once.

Vendor: Handshake

Task: Restoring Order

Objective: Neutralize the enemies in the nearby town

Reward: Lancer armor, $2700, 400 XP, and 100 Vendor Reputation

Restoring Order is a fairly passive Task that can be completed along side any other. It requires you get 15 AI eliminations in town so pairing it up with other Tasks is advised to maximize efficiency.

Land at any of the landing zones surrounding the start town and head in to get the 15 kills. Squad kills will not count towards this Task, so make sure you are taking the final shot.

Once completed head back to the Base Camp and hand the task in to Handshake. He will reward you with armor, cash, XP, and Vendor Reputation.


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