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How to complete The Brave in Gray Zone Warfare (Lab Rat Task)

Lab Rat The Brave Task Select Screen

The Brave is a Task in Gray Zone Warfare given to the player by Lab Rat. You are tasked with finding a body in Hunter's Paradise and locating proof that you need to bring back to Lab Rat in the Base Camp.

Vendor: Lab Rat

Task: The Brave

Objective: Find Aulii Syvongsa

Rewards: 2 x LBlood, $5500, 1000 XP, 150 Vendor Reputation

Location: Hunter's Paradise (159 168)

a map of hunters paradise showing the location of aulii syvongsa
Aulii Syvongsa Location - Hunter's Paradise

The Brave task takes you to back to Hunter's Paradise in search of a missing person. Sadly, by the time you arrive, Aulii has been tortured and murdered. You need to collect a note found at their feet and bring it back to Lab Rat.

Deceased Aulii
Aulii Syvongsa

Once you get close enough to the body of Aulii Syvongsa, the objective will ping off as complete but to finish this Task you must collect proof. At the feet of the body you can collect a Goodbye Letter.

Collect the letter and place it in your SafeLock box for safe keeping on your way back to Base Camp and hand it over to Lab Rat.

Goodbye Letter from Aulii Syvongsa
Goodbye Letter - The Brave Task

Take the Goodbye Letter back to Lab Rat at Base Camp to collect your rewards.

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