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How to complete One Shot, One Kill in Gray Zone Warfare (Handshake Task)

One Shot, One Kill Task

One Shot, One Kill is a Task given to the player by Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare. You are tasked with hunting down a hostile commander in Hunter's Paradise and eliminating him.

Vendor: Handshake

Task: One Shot, One Kill

Objective: Eliminate the hostile commander in Hunter's Paradise

Rewards: Commander, $7800, 1000 XP, 150 Vendor Reputation

Location: Hunters Paradise (160 168)

Hostile Commander Location - Hunter's Paradise
Hostile Commander Location - Hunter's Paradise

One Shot, One Kill requires the player to eliminate the Hostile Commander at Hunter's Paradise. The Hostile Commander can be found hanging around the Firing Lanes POI in the posh holiday resort.

You can land at either Foxtrot 1 or Foxtrot 2 and circle around the tree line or fight your way through the resort.

Hostile Commander identity
Hostile Commander - Hunter's Paradise

The area is swarming with AI so it's best to clear everyone out but if you do want to hang back in the hills and snipe the Commander from a distance we've added a picture of him above so you can spot him.

He can be identified by the Aviator glasses, a BCap, Razor Ear Protection, a TMR Vest he is wearing, and the Mos 590 Shotgun he is carrying.

He moves around at the Firing Lanes in Hunter's Paradise so finding him isn't too difficult but as we previously stated, he is heavily guarded by many enemy AI.

Once you have eliminated the Hostile Commander you can return to Base Camp and hand in the Task to Handshake. He will give you your rewards and send you on your merry way.

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