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How to complete 'Native Negotiations' in Gray Zone Warfare

Native Negotiations Gray Zone Warfare Guide

Native Negotiations is a mission in the brand new extraction shooter Gray Zone Warfare. It is handed to the player by Lab Rat and requires you to take a briefcase from Base Camp and deliver it to a truck in the starting town.

Vendor: Lab Rat.

Task: Native Negotiations.

Objective:  Bring the briefcase to the car repair shop and leave it under the truck's cabin.

Rewards: 3 x CT, $3400, 400 XP, 100 Vendor Reputation, and a mystery reward.

Faction Coordinates:

Lamang Recovery Initiative - 203 163

Mithras Security Systems - 170 117

Crimson Shield International - 141 164

Step 1 - Collect the Briefcase

Native Negotiations Briefcase Location
Native Negotiations Briefcase Location

The first thing you need to do before leaving Base Camp is collect the Briefcase from the Command Tent. This is the large green tent located next to the Helipads. It can be found in the corner of the tent on a desk.

As always we recommend placing this item into your SafeLock box for safe keeping. Items in the SafeLock cannot be stolen by enemy or friendly players upon your death.

Step 2 - Fly to town and find the Repair Shop

Repair Shop Native Negotiations Gray Zone Warfare
Repair Shop Native Negotiations

The repair shop can be found in the starting town at the above coordinates, depending on your faction this will differ but it is located fairly close to the Construction Site. Clear the area of any AI so that this can be completed safely.

Step 3 - Place the Briefcase under the Truck

Truck Native Negotiations Gray Zone Warfare
Truck Native Negotiations

Crouch or go prone underneath the front of the truck in the Repair Shop and place the Briefcase. This will complete the Task and you can head back to Base Camp to collect your rewards.

Underneath the Truck in Native Negotiations Gray Zone Warfare
Underneath the Truck Native Negotiations

Step 4 - Return to Base Camp and collect Rewards

Native Negotiations Completed in Gray Zone Warfare

Lab Rat will hand you 3 x CT, £3400, 400 XP, 100 Vendor Reputation, and a mystery reward. Completing this mission also opened the Artisan vendor for us, but we are unsure if this will be the case for everyone.


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