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How to complete 'Medical Detective' Task in Gray Zone Warfare

GNG News COD Published: May 5, 2024

Medical Detective Gray Zone Warfare

Medical Detective is one of the earlier missions players must complete in Gray Zone Warfare for the Gunny Vendor. It is the first Task that requires the player to find a Key so things start to get a little bit trickier with this one.

Vendor: Gunny

Task: Medical Detective

Objective: Search for the missing supplies in the nearby town

Reward: Lancer Armor, $4500, 400 XP, 100 Vendor Reputation.

Key: NT Doc

Medical Office Coordinates:

Lamang Recovery Initiative - 205 163

Mithras Security Systems - 169 116

Crimson Shield International - 141 166

Medical Office Medical Detective Task Gray Zone Warfare
Medical Office location for Medical Detective - Gray Zone Warfare

Players must find the Doctors Office Key to open the Medical Office to complete this Task. The NT Doc key can be found in enemy AI loot. These types of Keys have a high chance of spawning in the vicinity of the objective so eliminate AI around the Medical Office and sooner or later a Doctors Office key will show up.

Doctor's Office Key Medical Detective Gray Zone Warfare
Doctor's Office Key for Medical Detective Task

Once inside the Doctors Office you will need to locate the Doctors Diary. This can be found on a desk in the office space of the medical practice. Pick it up to complete the sub-objective. Once collected we recommend you place it in your SafeLock to ensure it isn't lost in transit.

Doctor's Diary Task item Gray Zone Warfare
Doctor's Diary Task Item

Take the Doctor's Diary back to Base Camp and hand it over to Gunny to complete this Task and collect your rewards.

Gunny Medical Detective Task Complete

Gunny will give you a Lancer armor, $4500, 400 XP, and 100 Vendor Reputation for completing this task. Collect these rewards in the text messaging page under Gunny.


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