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Updated: Jun 29

| GNG News COD | Published: June 18, 2023 |


During your time in DMZ Vondel you will come across a variety of Keys that unlock certain doors across the map. Stronghold Keys will give you access to Stronghold locations, they can be used multiple times across multiple games. But, there are rarer Keys that unlock much more valuable rooms filled with loot. These are called Locked Spaces.

This is a guide (work in progress) to every single Locked Space within DMZ Vondel.

DMZ Vondel Locked Spaces

1. Smugglers Drop

2. Stage Bag (University)

3. Art Center Loft

4. Mayor's Briefcase

5. City Hall

6. Requires Contract

7. Barista's Bag

8. Central Station

9. Central Station Office

10. Diver Crate

11. Bridge Stash

12. Houseboat

13. Cruise Terminal

14. Townhouse Apartment

15. Fire Dept.

16. Fire Dept. Dorm

17. Bike Parking

18. Cruise Terminal Office

19. Equipment Crate

20. Restaurant Briefcase

21. Requires Contract

22. Stadium

23. Requires Contract

24. Buoyant House

25. Aquarium

26. Windmill Bag

27. Veterinarian

28. Sewers Maintenance

29. Stage Bag

30. Museum

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