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Warzone: BEST Way To Earn XP Fast (Season 4 - Mercenaries of Fortune)

There is so many ways to earn XP in Warzone to level-up. Here is a comprehesive list of everything we can think of to boost you up the ranks.


XP makes the Call of Duty world go around. It allows you to unlock perks, weapons, skins and more. Increasingly there are more and more ways to earn XP in Warzone. We've outlined as many of the different ways you can earn XP down below. It's likely you know a lot of these but as with every season it is worth a little reminder, or maybe you don't know.


There is a ton of challenges across Warzone, Black Ops: Cold War, Modern Warfare 2019 and Vanguard. Levelling up in any of these games currently all counts towards your overall progress. Different types of challenges include:

  • Daily Challenges - Can be checked or exchanged in the main menu.

  • Weekly Challenges - Can be checked or exchanged in the main menu.

  • Operator Challenges - Get X amount of kills, Destroy scorestreaks etc.

  • Weapon Challenges - Can be unlocked for every weapon.

  • Seasonal Challenges - A new challenge unlocks every 10 levels.

  • Event Challenges - Limited Time Events usually at the start and middle of the season.

It is worth taking a few minutes every time you jump on to flick through the barracks and challenge pages to see which challenges you are closest to completing. A new Seasonal Challenge unlocks every 10 levels.


Every single weapon has a range of different ways you can earn XP.

  • Weapon Levelling - Get kills and assists

  • Weapon Camo Unlocks - Includes things like headshot counts and attachment layouts.

  • Reticle Unlock Challenges - Specific types of kills.

  • Weapon Challenges - Amount of kills etc

From getting x amount of head shots to using particular attachments, weapons have a load of challenges connected to them. Each sight has its own set of reticles so be sure to check the challenges linked to each type. Simply getting kills and assists is also an effective way to level up guns.


Warzone offers contracts to boost the players cash balance in-game. Money you can use to buy loadouts or UAV's etc. But these also give a heavy amount of XP. The more contracts you complete in a single game the more the XP scales too. You'll also get a small amount of XP just for starting each contract.

  • Bounty Contracts - Hunt and kill a VIP.

  • Scavanger Hunt - Find and open 3 crates.

  • Recon - Locate and run down the time at a specified location.

  • Most Wanted - Survive being hunted for a short period.

  • Black Market - Follow the trail to the Black Market shop.

  • Cash Extraction - Ambush an escaping AI.

  • Big Game Bounty - Similar to Bounty contract but requires you to kill the team with the highest kills.

  • Supply Run - Reach a distant Buy-Station in the set time.

  • Supply Drop - Reach a supply drop in a random location before someone else does.

  • Top Secret - Generates one of the above contracts randomly.

As we previously stated, the more contracts you complete in a game boosts the amount of XP and rewards you receive. They are mostly high risk but high reward. This is a particularly effective strategy in Plunder. Rinse and repeat as many contracts as you can.


You will gain XP by opening loot boxes scattered around the map.

  • Loot Boxes - Open them up for loot and XP when ever you pass one.

  • Vaults - Vaults can be opened using the Gold Keycards and gives XP + are stacked with loot boxes.

  • Cash - Picking up cash in Plunder will increase the amount of XP you earn at the end of the match.

Kills, Assists and Team Wipes

The most traditional way to rank up the levels is getting kills.

  • Kills - Eliminating other players and AI gives XP

  • Assists - Hitting a player before they are downed by a team mate gives you a runner up prize of XP.

  • Team Wipes - Wiping a team will give you a healthy XP bonus.

  • Head Shots - Increased kill XP. Aim high.

  • Melee - Increased kill XP. Knives, swords, bats etc.

  • Vehicle - Killing players with a vehicle gives you XP. If you are a passenger in a vehicle you'll get an assist bonus if the driver gets a kill too.

  • Long Shot - You'll get a boost for long range kills

  • One Shot, One Kill - another boost for killing with a single shot

  • Other types of Kill - There are loads of bonus XP boosts for killing in a variety of ways like Sticking an enemy with a semtex etc. There are just too many to list.

Strategy Overview

You'll pick up masses of XP as you play through each game without even noticing. Take the time to plan going into matches and focus on the key areas of kills + contracts + survival.

  • Complete as many contracts as you can.

  • Get as many kills and assists as possible.

  • Check which challenges are closest to completion.

  • Use Weapons that still need to be levelled.

  • Track Weapon camo progress and what's left to do.

  • Use Operators that still need to be levelled.

  • Use Double XP tokens you've earned.

  • Play during Double XP weekend events.

  • Check Daily and Weekly challenges.

  • Survive as long as possible in each match.

  • Find a decent team of players and work together.

Did we miss anything, do you have a different approach? Let us know in the comments below. Find us on Twitter and YouTube for more News, Guides and more!



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