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How to Get a FREE Loadout in Rebirth Island - Stronghold Keycard Easter Egg Guide

| GNG News COD | Published: April 10 |

Rebirth Island is back in Warzone Resurgence. It brings some new Easter Eggs for players to complete but some old ones too. This is a guide on how to get a free loadout drop at any point during the match.

You'll need to find one of 3 Keycards that spawn into the map and take them to the safe deposit boxes found in the stronghold vaults.

Rebirth Island Keycard Locations

Perseus Keycard

The Perseus Keycard can be found in the Factory district of Rebirth Island. It will spawn on a shelf in the office building just South of the Factory building. It is glowing gold so difficult to miss, if you are looking in the right place.

Vikhor's Keycard

Vikhor's Keycard is located inside "grannies house" the small building between 'Headquarters' and 'Prison'. The Keycard is found on the top floor of the building in the North corner on top of a filing cabinet.

The Forgotten Keycard

This Keycard is a little bit trickier than the previous ones as it requires the player to perform an action. The Forgotten Keycard is found in the 'Bioweapons' labs' Shower Room. This is in the basement of the building.

Head downstairs and locate the shower chain, interact with the shower chain ("Turn On") and water will begin to flow out with drops of cash. After a few seconds The Forgotten Keycard will also drop.

Rebirth Island Keycard Unlock Location

Now that you have one, or all three, of the Keycards you can now use it to get yourself a guaranteed free Loadout.

Head over to Stronghold and go into the tower building. Inside the tower building you will find a room with Safe Deposit Boxes inside.

There are 3 Boxes that can be unlocked using any of the 3 Keycards shown above depending on the Keycard(s) you are holding. Match the Box to the Keycard and you will be given free loot.

Loot from the Locked Boxes is generally randomized but you will always receive a Loadout Drop Marker and have the chance at getting Perk Packages, Cash, and other loot.

Quick Reference Cheat Sheet

We've put together a quick reference map so you can take a quick glance until you are familiar with the locations below. The RED dots are Keycard locations and the YELLOW dot represents the Stronghold Vault.

These Keycards will spawn into these exact spots every match. If you get there and it is not where it is meant to be it means another player has taken it. These players can drop them on death, so they can show up in random places around the map.

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