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Rebirth Island Biometric Scanner Keycard Rewards and Daily Rewards

| GNG News COD | Published: April 8, 2024 |

Rebirth Island has a unique new feature that rewards players with in-game rewards but also daily rewards, too. We've put together a couple of tables to show what you can get by using the Biometric Scanners in Rebirth Island each time you cross paths with one of these consoles.

Biometric Scanners will scan the player and give them a Biometric Keycard in return. There are varying levels of Rarity and Rewards for these Keycards that are worth knowing. As we previously stated, using these Biometric machines each day also gives rewards.

Biometric Scanner Keycard

Rarity Type


Bronze Keycard

Very Common

Ammo, Cash, Armor Plates, Lethal and Tactical from Loadouts

Silver Keycard


Bronze Rewards + Perk Packages from Loadouts

Gold Keycard


Silver Rewards + Random Plate Carrier, Random Rare Field Upgrades

Platinum Keycard


Gold Rewards + Random Epic Field Upgrades, Random Killstreaks

Polyatomic Keycard

Very Rare

1 Classified Weapon, 5 Free Items at Buy Stations

Orion Keycard

Extremely Rare

2 Classified Weapons, 10 Free Items at Buy Stations

According to Season 3 leaks by Dataminer @BobNetworkUK, there are multiple daily usage bonuses for interacting with the Biometric Scanner machines too. Use it each day to earn rewards.



Day 3

"Need a Hand?" Calling Card

Day 7

1 Hour Double XP Token

Day 12

1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token

Day 17

"Encrypting" Animated Emblem

Day 21

Loading Screen

Day 27

"Welcome to the Mainframe" Camo

Using the Biometric Scanner for 27 days will earn you the Welcome to the Mainframe Weapon Camo. You can see this camo below, thanks to Bob.

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