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Tactical Extraction 'Arena Breakout: Infinite' Pricing, Closed Beta Date, and More.

| GNG News COD | Published: April 28, 2024 |

Arena Breakout is a free-to-play immersive tactical first-person shooter game available on mobile platforms. But, in a surprising move, it is being ported to PC for Steam users to enjoy, under the name Arena Breakout: Infinite.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is an ultra-real immersive simulation available on PC via Steam. Developed by MoreFun Studios, this game combines tactical warfare, realistic gunplay, and high-stakes looting. Players must loot, shoot, and raid their way to fortune in the Dark Zone.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is set in the war-torn Kamona region where players need to scavenge for loot, engage in intense battles between enemy AI and other real players, and raid their path to fortune.

Before entering the Dark Zone players can get geared up and prepare themselves for the raid ahead by equipping armor, medical supplies, and weapons with various attachments.

Arena Breakout: Infinite will launch with 30 different weapons with over 500 attachments available offering a wide selection of modifications in the games gunsmith system.

Players infil into what's known as the Dark Zone in the war-torn Kamona region. You must survive and thrive in this environment before successfully exfilling with the goods, much like any good Extraction shooter.

From what we have seen so far about Arena Breakout: Infinite we don't think it's unfair to say that this game has clearly been inspired by Escape from Tarkov and that's okay. There are plenty of games in the genre that have been inspired by EFT but bring their own takes, systems, and features, expanding on the excellent base EFT laid down.

A release date for Arena Breakout: Infinite is still unknown but MoreFun Studios are hosting a Closed Beta for Content Creators and players lucky enough to secure a Beta Key. This will take place from May 8, 2024.

Arena Breakout: Infinite will be a free-to-play game, available via Steam on PC which instantly puts it at an advantage compared to the likes of Gray Zone Warfare or the previously mentioned Escape from Tarkov, as both of these games require an upfront fee to play. More people are going to feel inclined to test AB:I as it doesn't require upfront funds.

MoreFun Studios have also made some bold claims, that frankly, we are eager to find out if they can keep to their word on. The first bold statement is the promise for good servers, something many high end games struggle with. Good servers are essential in modern video games, especially when the stakes are so high as they are in Extraction shooters.

The second, and most important in our opinion, is that of an incredibly strong anti-cheat that will keep the game completely free from unwanted hackers and cheats. Not even the top games in the industry like Apex Legends or Call of Duty can keep the cheaters away so it's going to be interesting to see how Arena Breakout deals with this problem. In fact, I think that cheat providers will see this statement as a challenge and really double their efforts to get cheats running in the game as soon as it launches.

Overall, Arena Breakout: Infinite is a promising game coming to PC, we aren't sure if it will come to console but we are certain it is being looked into by MoreFun Studios. The game will offer brutal PvPvE gameplay, loot worth hunting for, and exciting engagements in a high stakes environment. It being free-to-play is a huge marker for us, zero financial commitment is a win.

We can't wait to jump in and try this game out for ourselves, hopefully we can get ourselves a Closed Beta Key and jump in on May 8. This game has certain peaked our interest with its impressive visuals, customization options, and bold promises to be different.

You can check out the Arena Breakout: Infinite Gameplay below.


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