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How to play Gray Zone Warfare without PVP (PVE Only)

Joint Operations Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare allows players to play without PvP. Joint Operations lets players complete tasks, explore the world, and interact with other players from other Factions without the stress of Player-vs-player engagements.

Joint Operations Menu Option
Joint Operations Menu Option

Joint Operations allows players to complete Tasks and even join up with other Factions to clear towns, villages, and other highly concentrated areas without engaging one another.

Joint Operations can be found in the games starting menu. Server search is automatically set to 'Warfare', the games PvPvPvE mode. Toggling to Joint Operations turns the game to strictly PvE.

While in Joint Operations games players will not be able to engage enemy Factions or kill friendly players either. Other players will also not be able to loot your death bag, meaning you can return to your gear if a particularly tenacious AI bot takes you down while in the field.

Joint Operations Tasks

So, if you are looking for that storyline only experience from Gray Zone Warfare it can be achieved with ease from the starting menu.

There aren't many downsides to using Joint Operations if PVP isn't your thing. Of course, it does remove the intensity of enemy players hunting you down or vice versa but otherwise you experience the game in exactly the same way.

There aren't many games out there catering to different playstyles like this and we'd like to see options like this added to more Extraction shooters going forward. Although, for us personally we prefer the stress PvP brings, a large portion of gamers just aren't keen on it and that's fine, power to them.


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