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Arena Breakout Infinite Health System and Medications Explained

health system arena breakout infinite

Arena Breakout Infinite comes with a complex health system where players must be prepared for different types of damage that require different medical treatments. We thought we'd give you an overview of each type of damage you can take and how best to patch them up.

health system arena breakout infinite

Meds & Status

Below is a list of possible injuries you may sustain while out in the field with recommended medical treatment below. This is designed to be a quick reference page for you to familiarize yourself with the various options and items.


When injured, HP decreases.

  • 1st Aid

  • Mil Kit

  • 926

  • 1000

  • TMK

  • STO


Causes unbroken parts to continuously lose HP.

  • Badage

  • Badage

  • OPM


Stops parts from recovering HP and affects movement. Requires a surgical kit to be healed. Can be relieved with painkillers.

  • S Surgical

  • Std Kit

  • TMK

  • STD


Causes vision to blur.

  • Painkiller

  • E. Drink

  • LP

  • Painkiller

  • AP

  • EX


Causes HP to continuously decline

  • Water

  • Other liquids

Severe Hunger

Causes a continuous decline in HP, reduces max stamina, increases stamina cost, and decreases recovery rate.

  • Biscuits

  • Other Foods

Severe Lung Injury

Chest continuously loses HP, movement speed is greatly reduced, and max stamina is greatly reduced.

  • Nebulizer

Critical Overload

Reduces movement speed, disables sprint and jump, and increases fall damage. ]

  • Strength


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