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Missing DMZ? Check Out These 5 Upcoming Extraction Shooters That Could Replace It

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 27, 2024 |

Call of Duty: DMZ may still be available to play for free but content and updates ceased several months ago, leaving the popular Call of Duty extraction mode to shrivel up and die. The good news is that plenty of other developers are having a crack at the increasingly favored mode that could fill the void.

Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) is another Extraction Shooter penciled for a 2024 release. Join a Private Military Company and navigate a vast open-world setting alone or in a squad. Adapt to your surroundings, use tactics to your advantage, and fight against other human operators and AI-controlled enemies.


Gear up, get in, and get out in Exoborne, a tactical open-world extraction shooter set in an apocalyptic U.S. transformed by extreme forces of nature. Lay it all on the line as you explore a dynamic open world full of warring factions and hostile players, where you scavenge, craft, and fight to stay alive.

The Division Heartland

Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland is set to release in early 2024. It will be a Free-to-play Extraction Shooter based on the mechanics, features and lore of The Division universe. Heartlands is set is small-town rural America unlike it's City-dwelling predecessors.

Delta Force

Delta Force is a Free-to-play game that utilizes a unique blend of PVP and PVE elements created by former Call of Duty and DMZ developers. It will include characters with special abilities and several game modes like Hazard Operations and Blackhawk Down. Delta Force will be available on ALL platforms, including mobile.

Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light, a PvPvPvE tactical first-person extraction shooter where 6 squads of 3 operators are tasked with entering, securing, and extracting an artifact in a hostile, horrific environment. Face other operators and player-controlled anomalies, but beware: mistakes can risk your life and gear.

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