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Gray Zone Warfare Tips and Tricks for Better Performance

GNG News COD Published: May 1, 2024

Gray Zone Warfare is out now on PC's Steam. The tactical shooter is built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5. This game has an insane amount of depth and detail meaning older computers are going to struggle to comfortably run it.

We've put together a simple guide with a few tips and tricks that may help you to run GZW better and get some more frames per second while doing so. It is important to remember that Gray Zone Warfare has launched in Early Access meaning it contains its fair share of bugs and isn't as optimized as it could be at this time.

Enhancing the Gray Zone Warfare experience

Best Latency

To achieve the best latency, we recommend you choose the region that best corresponds to your location, be it North America, Europe, or Asia. Choosing the right location connects you to the closest servers.

Lower Queue Times

If you are experiencing longer wait times you might consider swapping regions or servers to a quieter zone. But, be warned this change will result in higher latency.

Best Performance

It is fairly important to ensure that all GPU drivers are updated to the latest versions. Be it NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel.

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Apart from the basic quality level, these are the best settings for smoother performance:

  • For older Graphic cards (30xx series or lower) with lower performance, use FSR with Frame Generation On and Super Resolution Performance or Balanced (Options > Graphics > Anti-Aliasing > Upscaling Method)

  • For the NVidia RTX 40xx series cards, use the DLSS setup for the best performance (Options > Graphics > Anti-Aliasing > Upscaling Method > DLSS)

  • For NVidia RTX 40xx series cards, use the Toggle on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling at 'Windows Display Settings. After enabling/resetting the PC. Frame gen feature will be enabled in the game (Options > Graphics > DLSS Frame Generation)

AMD Graphics Cards

  • For AMD graphic cards, use the FSR setup for the best performance (Options > Graphics > Anti-Aliasing > Upscaling Method > FSR)

  • To boost performance further, use Frame Generation On and Super Resolution in settings which provide the best balance performance/image quality (Options > Graphics > Fidelity FX Frame Generation + Fidelity FX Super Resolution)

Intel Graphics Cards

  • For Intel graphic cards, use the XeSS setup for the best performance (Options > Graphics > Anti-Aliasing > Upscaling Method > XeSS)

Solving 'Framerate' Stuttering

Framerate stuttering may occur during intial gameplay, including short frame lags when visiting some locations for the first time. In rare cases, thse using weaker GPU's may experience longer stutters. It is best to let the game continue to run, allowing it to stabilize, improving performance as it goes.


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