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Updated: Mar 10

| GNG News COD | Published: August 4, 2023 |

DMZ Season 05 introduced more things for players to unlock in the Forward Operating Base under a new tab called Equipment. It allows players to unlock Start Solo Self Revive and permanently Unlock Rebreather but it will also allow you to increase the amount of armor plates you start each match with.

How to unlock 'Increased Starting Armor'

This challenge requires Dead Drops. Dead Drops are the large white trash bins scattered around Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel and Building 21. Players can deposit items to cooldown weapon timers on insured weapons. They also pop up in the occasional mission, like this one.

Increased Starting Armor Requirements

  • Dead Drop 8 Stronghold Keycards

  • Dead Drop 1 Skeleton Key

Stronghold Keycards are easily found. They are dropped by enemy AI, found in loot crates and other lootable places, as well as enemy soldiers. They are one of the most common items in the game so finding and dead dropping 8 is no problem.

Skeleton Keys are far more rare and valuable. It is extremely unlikely you will come across one of these special keys. The fastest way to complete this challenge would be to craft one at the Buy-Station Barter tab. Each map has different recipe requirements for this key, which needs to be unlocked via a challenge.

Skeleton Key Barter Recipe - Vondel

  • 3 x 3-Plate Vest

  • 3 x Self-Revive kits

  • 1 x Gold Bar

Find and take all of these items to the Buy-Station and barter them for a Skeleton Key on Vondel. Then in turn take the Skeleton Key to a Dead Drop and deposit it.

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