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Updated: Mar 10

| GNG News COD | Published: August 4, 2023 |

DMZ Season 05 introduced a new tab in the Forward Operating Base menu called 'Equipment'. This new tab allows players to unlock and keep certain added bonuses when travelling into the DMZ. These include spawning in with more armor plates, starting with a self-revive if going in solo and permanently unlocking the rebreather as a field upgrade.

Unlock Rebreather Challenge

The first part of this challenge requires players reach Faction Reputation level 3 with Shadow Company. This can be easily achieved by completing Urgent Missions and some of the Tier 1 Faction Missions for this Faction.

Unlock Rebreather Requirements List:

  • Extract 12 Rebreathers

  • Extract 15 rolls of Electrical Tape

  • Extract 8 Light Bulbs

  • Extract 8 bottles of Gun Oil

  • Extract 5 Blow Torches

  • Extract 1 GPU

Once you have reached level 3 and extracted all of the above items you will have access to the Rebreather via the Field Upgrades selection menu so you can spawn into the game with the item.

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