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How to complete Uninvited Guests in Gray Zone Warfare (Turncoat Task)

uninvited guests turncoat gray zone warfare

Uninvited Guests is a Task handed to the player by Turncoat in Gray Zone Warfare. This mission requires you travel to the Ban Pa region and eliminate 20 AI enemies.

Vendor: Turncoat

Task: Uninvited Guests

Objective: Eliminate the hostiles in Ban Pa [20]

Rewards: AK-74M, 1000 XP, 150 Vendor Reputation

Location: Ban Pa

Ban Pa - Uninvited Guests
Ban Pa - Uninvited Guests

This is a very straight forward Task. Enter the Ban Pa village and eliminate 20 enemy AI. You can land at either India 1 or India 2, both bring you just outside the fishing village.

The AI are pretty rough in Ban Pa and it is a very dense jungle area so we advise you take your time when moving through the village as AI can one-shot you through bushes and trees without you ever knowing they were there.

Once you have eliminated 20 AI you can return to Base Camp and collect your rewards by Completing the Task with Turncoat.

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