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How to complete 'Helping Hand' in Gray Zone Warfare (Handshake Task)

Helping Hand Gray Zone Warfare Task Guide

Helping Hand is one of the starting Tasks in Gray Zone Warfare, handed to the player by Handshake. This mission requires you retrieve some intel from the nearby restaurant and bring it back to Handshake, but, you will need to find a particular key to access the intel.

Vendor: Handshake

Task: Helping Hand

Objective: Bring the intel from the restaurant to Handshake

Retrieve the intel

Rewards: Scorpion backpack, $4500, 400 XP, and 100 Vendor Reputation

Faction Coordinates:

Lamang Recovery Initiative - 203 163

Mithras Security System - 170 116

Crimson Shield International - 141 164

Helping Hand Restaurant Location Map Gray Zone Warfare
Helping Hand Restaurant Location Map

Helping Hand requires you visit a local restaurant and retrieve some intel. The Restaurant can be located at the coordinates above, depending on your Faction. It is found close to the Motel point of interest.

Helping Hand Restaurant Gray Zone Warfare
Helping Hand Restaurant

Once you have found the correct building you will notice a locked door up the stairs of the restaurant. This is the room you need to access to gather the intel to progress this mission for Handshake.

This room requires the XX Attic key, or Restaurant Storage Key as it is formally named. This can be found by eliminating enemy AI in close proximity or blind luck else where in the town and world. Kill enough enemies and it will eventually spawn in one of the loot bags on their bodies.

Attic Restaurant Storage Key Gray Zone Warfare
Attic / Restaurant Storage Key

Once found, use the Attic key to open the door and step inside. On a plastic fold-out chair you will find the 'Intelligence Folder' that Handshake has asked you to gather. Place it in your SafeLock for safe keeping.

Helping Hand Intelligence Folder Gray Zone Warfare
Helping Hand Intelligence Folder

Complete any other Tasks you might have in town or head back to Base Camp to collect your rewards for handing the Intel over to Handshake. He will give you a Scorpion backpack, $4500 in cash, 400 XP, and you'll gain a further 100 Vendor Reputation with the man himself.

Helping Hand Complete Gray Zone Warfare


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