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DMZ is an upcoming extraction game mode for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 where loot is everything. Today we're looking at the Stash system.


If you have played Escape from Tarkov you are going to feel right at home playing DMZ. DMZ is an Extraction-based game mode that will launch alongside Warzone 2.0.

The Stash/Inventory system in DMZ

In DMZ players keep a 'Stash' of weapons and other valuable items from the 'Exclusion Zone'. You will begin with a small arsenal of free Contraband weapons. Weapons that are only usable in DMZ. If you die you will lose these weapons, they are gone forever.

Contraband weapons are acquired from other players or enemies within the 'Exclusion Zone'. You MUST extract successfully with these weapons and items to keep them. Again, if you die in game, you lose everything you have gathered in that match. At first, you will have one Insured Weapon slot for any personal loadout weapon or Weapon Blueprint. Additional insured weapon slots can be earned by leveling-up with Factions.

DMZ will offer players a new way of unlocking weapons. In Modern Warfare II players are required to level up certain weapons to unlock variations of that weapon. You can by-pass this task by extracting with weapons in DMZ. For example, if you extract with the AK-74u you will not need to level the AK 47 to unlock it. This allows players who don't own Modern Warfare II the chance to catch up with weapon unlocks.

You will be able to 'Insure' weapons. This means if you die in battle and lose your favourite weapon you will be able to claim insurance and get it back after the match. This is time-based so you will need to wait a certain amount of time to get it back. This will cost in-game cash to do but will be necessary if you don't want to risk losing your best gear.

Your Stash also contains certain items taken out of the Exclusion Zone, which can then be put into your Loadout and Backpack for the next infiltration and give you access to special locations. If your Backpack fills up during a match, Operators can visit one of six Dead Drop locations to stash items for extraction in a later match.



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