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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: October 20, 2023 |


Call of Duty: The Haunting event has many secret hidden challenges for players to complete. One such secret challenge unlocks the 'Apocalypse Ready' Hatchback Vehicle Skin. It is a neat little Zombie-themed car wrap that can only be obtained during The Haunting event.

'Apocalypse Ready' Secret Challenge

The challenge is simple, run down a zombie using a vehicle. This can include the MRAP, Tac Rover, Hatchback, Quadbike, Dirt Bike, Truck, or the Chop Top. There is one problem though, once you get close to the ritual site where the zombies spawn you will have your vehicle seized by a DDOS attack.

There are 2 ways around this issue but how do you get the zombies to spawn in the first place?

Head over to the Butcher Ritual located on the Tac-map. Once you arrive, initiate a ritual at one of the 5 pillars, if other players haven't already done so. This will cause zombies to spawn.

Once they spawn you can either take a run up in a vehicle of your choice and hope that you coast into one as the engine fails or you can draw a zombie away from the ritual site to a safe enough distance that you can then run it down with a nearby vehicle.

Once you have eliminated a single Zombie you will receive a notification that you have unlocked the 'Apocalypse Ready' Vehicle Skin for the Hatchback.

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Still not sure how to unlock this Secret Challenge. Check out our video guide below.


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