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| GNG News COD | Published: August 31, 2023 |


A new challenge is now active in Warzone, Modern Warfare II and DMZ. Players must complete various tasks in the full range of Vehicles available in the game to unlock exclusive camos and a mastery camo for completing all 12 challenges. It can appear a little daunting but we have a few tips to knocking these out fast.

Vehicle Challenges

  • LTV - Get 30 Enemy kills by running them over with the vehicle.

  • Armored Truck - Ram 5 Enemy vehicles at high speed.

  • ATV - Stay in the air while in the vehicle for 5 seconds.

  • Heavy Tank - Get 20 Operator kills with either turret.

  • Hatchback - Get 10 Operator kills while leaning out of the vehicle.

  • Light Helo - Refuel your helicopter at 10 different Gas Stations.

  • PWC - Visit 5 POIs while driving the vehicle.

  • Armored Patrol Boat - Get 20 Enemy kills using the boat turret.

  • Dirt Bike - Perform 20 air tricks with the Dirt Bike.

  • MRAP - Get 30 Operator Kills using the turrets on the MRAP.

Challenge Tips and Advice

The first thing to note is the wording. If it says 'Enemy' then anything you can kill will count, this includes AI bots in DMZ or Invasion. If it specifically states Operator kills than this must be real player kills.

All of these vehicles are available in abundance on multiplayer modes 'Ground War' and 'Invasion' so those modes are likely your best bet to get this done fast. The MRAP can be purchased for an eye watering $200,000 in DMZ Al-Mazrah but will absolutely melt Operators.

The ATV 5 seconds in the air is consecutive so you must be in the air for the full 5 seconds. Take the ATV up to the tallest buildings in Al Mazrah via the elevators to complete this one, or drive it into the back of the Heavy Chopper and drop out from the highest altitude.

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