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Character Customization Options in Gray Zone Warfare

Updated: Apr 26

| GNG Gaming News | Published: April 18, 2024 |

Gray Zone Warfare is an upcoming Extraction Shooter from MADFinger Games. It is set in the fictional world of Lamang and pits players vs AI bots and other real players in a bid to survive and gather valuable loot.

When first entering Gray Zone Warfare, players will be able to fully customize their operator with different faces, hair styles, and clothing. This is a closer look at the options available to players at launch.


  • Players can choose the skin colour of their operator to best suit them.


  • Players can choose a variety of hair styles, or lack of, for their operator.

Facial Hair

  • Don a Goatie, full blown beard or be clean shaven - the choice is yours.


  • Operators have a selection of military style tops to choose from that can be worn when fighting across Lamang.


  • A selection of mil-sim gloves to keep the operators fingers warm.


  • Every soldier needs a good pair of trousers, especially when trekking through dense jungles.


  • Finally, a selection of Boots can be chosen from for operators.

It is more than likely that players will be able to earn or purchase additional clothing items as the game progresses along. It's nice to see a video game remain true to it's mil-sim roots, at least for now. No whacky Fortnite or Call of Duty skins here.


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