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When Does Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 2 Release?

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 20, 2024 |

Now that Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 1 Reloaded has passed we are looking forward to Season 2. But when can you download and play the next season update?

Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 2 Update is expected to release on February 7, 2024.

As usual, there is no solid intel on what we can expect in Season 2 but we have had some teases in recent days and of course there have been leaks.

One confirmed feature coming to Warzone and Modern Warfare III is the re-work of Killstreak notifications. Players will be shown the path of enemy killstreaks so they can react and move out of it's way before getting bombed.

According to Raven Software this is a work-in-progress feature so it could get delayed beyond the Season 2 launch window.

The biggest leak we have seen for the next season is Modern Warfare Zombies content. Allegedly, players will be able to earn Schematics for the V-R11 Wonder Weapon and the Blood Burner motorcycle.

Other leaks suggest a DMZ-style Exfil Streak bonus is coming to Modern Warfare Zombies. Players who successfully complete contracts and exfil will earn a streak based on the number of times you get out alive. The rewards will increase with each successful run in a row.

But, nothing is concrete until we see the Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 2 Roadmap in the coming weeks.

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