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Modern Warfare III Multiplayer and Zombies Patch Notes (January 31 Update)

| GNG Gaming News | Published: February 1, 2024 |

An update went live yesterday that fixes various bugs and issues across Modern Warfare III Multiplayer and Zombies. Several weapons also received buffs and nerfs.



  • Resolved an obstruction of the player’s view while aiming down the sight of The Broker PDSW 528 Blueprint.



  • Bug Fixes

  • Equipping a Calling Card will no longer reset the active selection to the top of the list.

  • Favoriting and Filtering Calling Cards will no longer unexpectedly kick the player back to the menu.

  • Addressed an exploit that allowed equipping Camos to incompatible Weapons.

  • Corrected Gunsmith camera position while selecting a Bolt Attachment for the KATT-AMR.

  • Revised several Attachment descriptions to accurately reflect their true effects.

  • Kastovia 343 Barrel

  • HYP-LM Barrel

  • Bryson Inforcer Stock

  • FT Dart CB Stock

  • Demo X50 Tactical Pump Guard

  • 6.8 Wrath Round Nose Ammunition

  • WSP OPTAC Long Barrel

  • HISS Short Light Barrel

  • Recoil Reduction Buttplate Stock

  • Rattleback Deadeye 16" Barrel

  • Recon Comb

  • Improved intuitiveness of the order in which Weapon Camo Challenges are displayed.


  • Underpass

  • Players can no longer respawn outside of the playable area in Hardpoint.


  • Supe’d Up (Limited-Time Mode)

  • Super Speed visual effects will now end upon death.


» Attachments «

  • Vigilant-30 C-Iron (Optic)

  • Resolved an obstruction of the player’s view while aiming down the hybrid sight.



  • Killcams have been enabled in MWIII Ranked Play.

  • Addressed an issue where some players would enter a match with an invalid loadout when selecting Custom Loadout 1.

  • Note: In order to address this issue, Ranked Play Custom Loadout 1 was reset for all players.




  • Addressed an issue that resulted in screen shaking for all players when a team was engaging Warlord Dokkaebi’s Bomb Drones.



  • Addressed an issue that allowed DMZ Bonus Effects to temporarily display in Modern Warfare Zombies menus.

  • Note: DMZ Bonus Effects are not applicable to Modern Warfare Zombies gameplay.



  • Weekly Challenges

  • Addressed an issue that prevented the Week 8 Challenge: ‘Get 300 Kills with the JAK Thunder LMG Kit equipped to the Sidewinder while Juggernog is Active’ from tracking.

  • Addressed the description for the Week 8 Challenge where players need to kill multiple Warlords with a Recommended Weapon for clarity.

  • Camo Challenges

  • Challenge Group: Kills Without Reloading

  • Addressed an issue that prevented these challenges from tracking.



  • Added various crash and stability fixes.


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