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Warzone News: Fortune's Keep Revealed

Call of Duty officially revealed the newest map joining Warzone via twitter. It's bloody massive (compared to Rebirth Island).



Fortune's Keep, a NEW map for Call of Duty Warzone has been officially revealed via the Call of Duty twitter handle. Pieces of the map were unlocked by followers completing various tasks like reaching 500 replies in the comments on each piece.

The new area will be used as a resurgence map, much like Rebirth Island with some reports suggesting that Rebirth could be nuked in spectacular fashion leaving only Fortune's Keep as the smaller map of choice for the loves of the more fast paced, respawing game mode.

The most immediate difference between the two maps is size. Yes, this is the map they told you not to worry about. It seemingly comes in a whopping 2.5 times larger than Rebirth Island. You can see in the image below (Courtesy of @jgod on twitter) just how different sized and shaped these maps are when stacked.

What about Rebirth Island?

Warzone players have grown increasingly fonder of Rebirth Island since the launch of Caldera, which has been met with a lot of criticism. Players choosing instead to play the Alcatraz inspired map over the tradition Battle Royale map on offe. Caldera just seemed to miss the mark, hard.

Frankly, it is about time we saw a new Resurgence map. Rebirth was first introduced into Warzone in 2020, which was several years ago now and although some minor changes have been made to the look of the map it still largely plays the same as it did back in 2020. That's not to mention that those veteran players who played Black Ops 4 in 2019 had the option to play Alcatraz in Blackout, which was essentially Rebirth anyway

There is rumours circulating that Rebirth will be banished forever just like Verdansk but after seeing how badly players reacted to Caldera and how vocal everyone seems to be about bringing Verdansk back, Activision and Call of Duty might think twice about binning the map all together and instead offering some kind of limited-time cycles for each. Although we are sure that could cause issues with storage space if players have 3 fully fledged battle royale maps on their systems.

Final thoughts

We're excited to try out this new map. It looks like it has some really fun areas and we've already identified a few hot drop locations. Season 4 is just over a week away now and we are likely to hear more about the map and probably see some gameplay very very soon.


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Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson
Jun 23, 2022

new fortunes keep map is cluttered with awful sight lines, hundreds of dark (roze skin selling) corners for campers to hide in, way to many levels way to many poorly defined jump/climb spots, its resurgance for people who liked caldera, if rebirth island and keep are in rotation at the same time they might as well rename it ghost keep

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