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Warzone News: Fortune's Keep Closer Look

Only yesterday Call of Duty revealed the new Fortune's Keep map on Twitter. They're not hanging around as they show off the first glimpse of the map.


Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune

Call of Duty has announced that Season 4 will be called Mercenaries of Fortune. Season 4 is set to bring a new Resurgence map, a new Zombies map called Shi No Numa and various new maps to Vanguard multiplayer.

As you can see in the key art for Mercenaries of Fortune there is a real enthesis on gold, loot and plunder. The merc's can be seen stuffing gold bars into bags and a golden operator skin with a golden helmet, armour and boots. The other piece of key art released for Mercenaries of Fortune is a soldier sitting on top of a big pile of gold in a huge vault. How this focus on gold might play into the story line is still unknown. It's probably just a theme to sell more skins in all honesty.

The new map Fortune’s Keep was revealed yesterday for Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty isn’t wasting time sharing more details. We’ve got our first look at the map in all its glory. It is likely set to replace the now extremely popular Rebirth Island map that fans have been swapping over to since Caldera kind of flopped.

We were treated to a 30 second clip showing off various locations throughout Fortune’s Keep. It must be said that it is very similar in appearance to Caldera. It has bright sunny skies, Mediterranean style buildings and lush trees and undergrowth.

We've already spotted a few interesting things about this map including what appears to be balloon jump pads in various locations around the map. It offers its fair share of wide-open spaces but also looks to have a ton of close-combat tight spots. It also isn't shying away from verticality with multiple tall buildings, ledges, and hills.

A few indoor locations that seem like worth noting are a fortress complete with Napoleonic cannons (we're not sure if they'll be fireable) a church with a bell tower, a winery with huge wooden barrels. There is even a Pirates of the Caribbean styled area with twisting caves, zip lines, ladders and boats.

The size of this map still hasn't been completely figured out. With many speculating it'll be about 2.5 times the size of Rebirth Island. Which begs the question, will it see an increase in the number of players per lobby or will it stay in line with Rebirth.

It is almost certain that more details will be shared in the build up to the start of Season 4 as they look to drum up hype, so we all go out and buy the season pass and any other operator bundles knocking about.

In case you missed the trailer we have dropped it below for you to watch and enjoy.



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