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We haven't even had the Season 01 Reloaded event yet and already Season 02 details are splashing around online.


Season 01 of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II isn't even half done yet and we're starting to see details appear online for the next seasonal update. Season 02 is expected some time in February 2023 and we have some details for it already. A few key art graphics have been leaked online that give us some direction and some teases for the upcoming season.

It is safe to expect more of the same, a new Battle Pass, new maps, new operators and of course new Weapons. It would appear from the artwork that Warcom Operator 'Ronin' is making a return from MW(2019).

Fans who played Call of Duty: World at War will be pleased to read that 'Castle' will also make a return as one of the maps released with Season 02.

This information comes from infamous Call of Duty leaker @RalphsValve who has written an article about it for Be sure to check out his Twitter page and article for more details.


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