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The Cancelled Call of Duty: Zombies Live Service Game from Raven Software

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 15, 2024 |

Call of Duty: Zombies is one of the most popular, cult classic game modes to ever grace the Call of Duty franchise. Starting as a fun mini game for completing the World at War campaign, Zombies drew in a new crowd and exploded in popularity, and scale, since it first launched all those years ago.

This week it was revealed, by a what seems to be a disgruntled ex-Raven developer, Michael Gummelt, that a fully fledged standalone, Live Service Call of Duty Zombies game was conceptualized.

"Lead Designer on an ambitious new Call of Duty: Zombies live service project. Cancelled when the ATVI studio that 'owned' that part of the Call of Duty IP wanted it back."

The ex-Raven Software staff member posted to their LinkedIn profile that they had previous experience working on an "ambitious Call of Duty: Zombies live service product" but went on to say that it had been "cancelled" due to the IP owner wanting the IP back.

Raven Software are said to have begun work on the live service mode but Activision Blizzard later pulled the plug when the IP owner requested. How far into development they got is unclear.

The IP owner is a direct reference to Treyarch Studios, the team that initially created the popular undead mode. it is no secret that Call of Duty Zombies sells copies millions of extra games when it is included. Zombies Chronicles, a remastered pack of the classic Zombies maps, is still the best selling DLC of all time for any game or platform.

Modern Warfare III Zombies is now what we consider a live-service game, with rolling updates, changes and add-on's constantly being thrown in. What a standalone Zombies game might have looked like will likely remain a mystery, thanks to the awesome selling power the mode carries, it just makes sense to add it to as many titles as possible to draw in the extra bucks each year.

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