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Modern Warfare Zombies TAQ Eradicator Camo Mastery Challenges (MWZ)

Updated: Mar 10

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 1, 2023 |

The TAQ Eradicator is the first brand-new post-launch weapon that has been added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. This lightweight LMG feels more like an AR with a pretty decent Magazine size. If you haven't unlocked this weapon yet you can find out how here.

TAQ Eradicator Modern Zombies Camo Challenges

  • Pestilence - Get 250 Kills (Level 2)

  • Unknown Visitor - Get 10 Mangler Kills (Level 9)

  • Palette Scorched - Get 10 Kills without Reloading 10 times (Level 15)

  • Mysterious - Get 250 Kills with the TAQ Eradicator at Rare or higher Rarity (Level 22)

Zombies Completionist

  • Golden Enigma - Get 100 Kills and Successfully Exfil with the TAQ Eradicator in a Single Deployment

  • Zircon Scale - Get 300 Kills with the TAQ Eradicator while it's Pack-a-Punched

  • Serpentinite - Get 10 Special or Elite Zombie Kills with the TAQ Eradicator

  • Borealis - Complete 36 Serpentinite Camo Challenges

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