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Rumored Content Coming to Modern Warfare Zombies in Season 2

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 23, 2024 |

With Modern Warfare III Season 1 Reloaded out of the way, we can start to look forward now to Season 2 for Modern Warfare Zombies. A decent chunk of updates and content are expected for the undead mode in S2 on February 7.

Neither Season 1 nor Season 1 Reloaded were particularly exciting for Zombies fans as both updates included the absolute minimum of content for the mode.

Season 1 saw the introduction of the Dark Aether Rift and Reloaded got a single new Warzone, Dokkaebi. MWZ Season 2 is looking promising, if leaks and speculation are anything to go by.

MWZ Leaks, Rumors and Speculation

What have we heard is coming to Modern Warfare Zombies? You might be glad to hear the answer is quite a bit.

  • Exfil Streaks - Complete Contracts and Exfil Successfully to gain Bonuses like extra Essence and Acquisitions.

  • Act IV Missions - Expansion to the missions in Act 4, that currently only has 1 mission.

  • Blood Burner Schematic - Spawn a personal Blood Burner in-game using a Schematic.

  • V-R11 Schematic - The V-R11 is already in the game but must be looted or used as an Acquisition, soon you'll be able to earn its Schematic.

  • Keres and Rainmaker Warlord's - 2 new Warlords are expected to cycle in and out of MWZ matches.

We are expecting an official announcement from Call of Duty in the build up to Season 2 on February 7 in the form of Blog Posts and a Season 2 Roadmap.

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