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A new Easter Egg has been added to Ashika Island for Resurgence and DMZ


Late in the night High Moon Studios, the developers of Ashika Island, put out a tweet teasing new Easter Eggs being active on the Japanese island location. It wasn't long before a new Secret was discovered. YouTuber @McFishMr was the first to discover the new hidden secret by following the clues laid out by the Call of Duty studio.

'Power Plant' Easter Egg

This is probably one of the easiest Easter Eggs to complete on Ashika Island. Head over to the 'Power Plant' building that is on the Northern end of the map, just North West of Tsuki Castle.

Head down the 2 flights of stairs until you reach the tunnel beneath the building. In this tunnel you will see 4 switches on the walls. Flip all 4 switches once. It doesn't seem to make a difference in which order the switches are turned on.

Once you have flipped all the switches a green light will appear above the locked door and it will fly open. Head inside to collect the copious amounts of loot.

And that's it. A nice easy way to get yourself set up for the rest of the game. If you still aren't sure on the steps we've added a video guide below.

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