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New Classified Schematics coming to Modern Warfare Zombies in Season 2

| GNG Gaming News | Published: February 3, 2024 |

Modern Warfare Zombies Season 2 details have been published online by Call of Duty. It brings a new Warlord, Story Mission, and Schematics for players to complete and unlock.

Sadly, all known Season 2 content for Modern Warfare Zombies is not expected to release until Season 2 Reloaded in several weeks time.

Schematics allow players to redeem certain items, weapons, or gear and take them into a round of MWZ with them. Season 2 will introduce 3 new schematics.

V-R11 Wonder Weapon Schematic

The V-R11 has been available in game as an Acquisition since the launch of Season 1. This powerful Wonder Weapon turns Zombies into friendlies and enemy Mercs into Zombies. Players will be able to earn a Schematic for this weapon, meaning they can take it into a game between cooldowns.

Mags of Holding Schematic

The Mags of Holding Schematic is a brand-new feature. Ammunition will feed directly from your weapon's ammo's stash meaning you will not need to reload. Ammo will be taken from the total amount of rounds you have.

Blood Burner Key

The Blood Burner is the gnarly motorbike you may have come across in Urzikstan. It is glowing purple with a devil like design and has a powerful shock attack that can one-shot enemy bosses.

Obtaining the Blood Burner Key will allow you to spawn into matches with the Bike rather than having to get lucky and stumbling across one of the rare spawns.

How to Unlock the MWZ Season 2 Classified Schematics

It remains unclear how these Schematics will be unlocked, but previous Classified Schematics required players to complete tasks within the Dark Aether. A second Dark Aether Rift is expected to release alongside Season 2 Reloaded so these are likely connected.

If you haven't seen the Blood burner in-game yet, we've dropped one of our tweets about it down below.

Warzone Season 2 kicks off on February 7 with the mid-season Reloaded event expected early March.

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