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MTZ Interceptor and WSP Swarm NERFED in Modern Warfare III and Warzone

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 19, 2024 |

An Update has gone live today that finally nerfs the overpowered meta weapons the MTZ Interceptor and WSP Swarm. Both weapons have dominated Warzone for weeks but now their time has finally come.

Raven Software took to X (formally Twitter) to share the news that both weapons had received substantial downgrades. As per usual, some testing needs to be done to see if the update was enough but the changes made to each weapon are as follows.

MTZ Interceptor (MWIII)

Max Damage reduced to 74, down from 85

Near-Mid Damage reduced to 72, down from 82

Mid Damage reduced to 70, down from 80

Min Damage reduced to 66, down from 78

Neck Multiplier reduced to 1, down from 1.5


Near-Mid Damage reduced to 20, down from 24

Mid Damage reduced to 18, down from 22

Far-Mid Damage reduced to 17, down from 20

Min Damage reduced to 16, down from 18

As we say, time will tell if these reductions make a real difference to these two weapons that have dominated the Absolute Meta of Warzone for too long.

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