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Modern Warfare Zombies Dark Aether (Al Bagra) Bunny Contract Locations

| GNG News COD | Published: April 4, 2024 |

Once you have completed the Act IV 'Bad Signal' Story Mission you can complete an Easter Egg that allows you to access the Dark Aether and complete special 'Bunny' Contracts that give you a high chance of earning top tier loot.

If you haven't unlocked the Dark Aether yet you can check How to Enter the 2nd Dark Aether Rift in Modern Warfare Zombies Guide here.

Possible Rewards for entering the Sa'id City Dark Aether:

  • Elder sigils

  • Mags of Holding

  • Blood Burner Key

  • V-R11 Schematic

  • Golden Armor Plate

  • Dog Bone

Al Bagra Dark Aether Bunny Contract Locations Overview

Dark Aether - Aether Extractions Contract Location

Dark Aether - Escort Contract Location

Dark Aether - Outlast Contract Location

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