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How to Enter the 2nd Dark Aether Rift in Modern Warfare Zombies Guide

Updated: Apr 4

| GNG News COD | Published: April 1, 2024 |

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Zombies currently has 2 Dark Aether Rifts at the time of writing this guide, with Season 3 about to introduce a third. These rifts offer the best in-game rewards players can hope to unlock with legendary Schematics as the main prize.

If you are looking to farm Schematics like Mags of Holding, the Blood Burner Key, or V-R11, this is the guide for you.

Possible Rewards:

  • Elder sigils

  • Mags of Holding

  • Blood Burner Key

  • V-R11 Schematic

  • Golden Armor Plate

  • Dog Bone

There are currently 2 Dark Aether Rift locations available in Modern Warfare Zombies. The first, original Rift is located on the Southside of the map, just outside Red High Threat Zone in F6. The second Dark Aether Rift is located at the North end of the Red High Threat Zone in tile G4.

We highly recommend you just focus on the 2nd Rift found in the High Threat Zone (G4) as all of the rewards found in the first rift can be obtained in the 2nd, with all the new Schematics available too.

To start this process you or a squadmate need to have the Act IV Mission 'Countermeasures' selected in the main menu.

Entering the 2nd Dark Aether

To enter the 2nd Dark Aether Rift, head over to the portals location in G4 and interact with the big glowing triangle. You and your squad will need to vote Yes to enter the portal.

Upon entering the Dark Aether Rift players will be transported to a distorted Al Mazrah Sa'id City region, which will be familiar to those who played Warzone 2 or DMZ.

To complete Countermeasures you'll need to follow the instructions which are basically save the soldiers, activate the APC vehicle and track it to the final location with a few stops on the way.

Before begining this Mission, you're going on a side quest to grab some additional items. The Tattered MMA Gloves, Perforated Target, and the Pristine Mirror. All 3 items are easily obtained but be mindful of the countdown timer as you'll need to complete the APC run as well.

Tattered MMA Gloves - Melee Kills

The first Obelisk is located on the deck of the Cargo Ship right next to where squads spawn. Interact with the pillar to initiate the challenge. You will need to get Melee Kills within the Obelisks circle. Note, an Insta-Kill powerup spawns to make it easier.

Perforated Target - Headshot Kills

The second Obelisk is found at a crossroads in a residential area on the North side of the map. You will need to get Headshots within the circle once you have activated the Obelisk. Once enough Headshots have been achieved a Reward Rift will open as it did for the Tattered MMA Gloves.

Pristine Mirror - Kill Zombies with Ammo Mods

The third and final Obelisk is a little bit tricker - you must get Ammo Mod kills corresponding to the circle color around the Obelisks. If it is surrounded by, use the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod, if it cracks with electicity, use the Dead Wire Ammo Mod, and so on.

You don't need to bring a full stack of Ammo Mod's with you, the Obelisk will provide you with a selection each time you successfully complete that Ammo Mod's kill amount. You'll need to swap Ammo Mods a couple of times during the process.

You will know for sure if you have the right Ammo Mod equipped as souls will leave the Zombies bodies on death and fly to the top of the Obelisk.

Complete the Act IV Countermeasures Story Mission to successfully Exfil with all of these items.

How to Upgrade the Tattered MMA Gloves, Perforated Target, and Pristine Mirror

Now that you have acquired each of the three items they need to be upgraded to legendary status. This is a very straight forward process but each item has it's own specific upgrade path.

Tattered MMA Gloves Upgrade

To upgrade the Tattered MMA Gloves you'll need to head back into Urzikstan. Head to the Boxing Gym in F8 (Shadows of Evil reference perhaps?) and 'Offer Unattuned Relic' in the centre of the Boxing Ring.

This will cause 3 red Boxing Bags to appear, Melee each Boxing Bag once from Left to Right. When you've done this step correctly they will catch fire.

Once all 3 are lit, a tough Zombie will spawn in the ring. You must PUNCH this zombie to death with bare fists inside the Boxing Ring against the clock. Upon his defeat, the Attuned Relic will appear for you to collect.

Perforated Target Upgrade

Upgrading the Perforated Target requires you to go the Firing Range found in H8 on the Southeast of Urzikstan. Interact with the target in the middle of the range to begin the upgrade.

Several targets will appear that you need to shoot in a set time period. Once hit the targets will turn from purple to red to signify they are done. Make sure to check behind walls just outside the area as some are more hidden than others.

Once all targets are hit, a tough zombie will spawn that you need to eliminate to retrieve the upgraded Perforated Target.

Pristine Mirror Upgrade

The Pristine Mirror Upgrade process takes place at the Graveyard in H3 / I3 in Urzikstan. Interact with the Gravestone in the top right corner of H3 and 2 Zombies will spawn that are covered in one of the Ammo Mod effects such as fire or ice, you must kill each Zombie using the corresponding Ammo Mod before a tough Zombie spawns.

Ammo Mods will be given to the player at the nearby Tomb that is now glowing blue, head up the stair case to select the correct Ammo Mod's to kill the two Zombies. Once all Zombies are killed, the Upgraded Pristine Mirror will drop on the ground.

Note: The last time I took on this upgrade it glitched and the tough Zombie instantly spawned and died giving me the item for free.

Opening the Elder Dark Aether Rift

Now that you have upgraded all 3 items and you should have the already-upgraded Drum from completing the Dark Aether run you can open the Elder Dark Aether Rift.

Item Checklist

  • Sigil or Elder Sigil

  • Upgraded Tattered MMA Gloves

  • Upgraded Perforated Target

  • Upgraded Pristine Mirror

  • Upgraded Drum

Take all 4 items to Sigil pedestals in G4 of the High Threat Zone. Place each item in its corresponding pedestal by matching the engraved icon with the correct item. Placing these items in the correct places will summon a Dark Aether Rift.

Summoning the Rift will cause a buffed Mimic to spawn in the area, eliminating this Mimic will gift you a Reward Rift with a guaranteed Dark Aether Rift Sigil.

Once you have completed this Easter Egg the Dark Aether Rift will permanently be available to you - you only need to place a Sigil or Elder Sigil to gain access in the future.

You can then place either a Sigil or Elder Sigil into the final pedestal to active the Dark Aether Rift. There are 2 difficulties for the Dark Aether Rift's depending which Sigil you decide to use when activating the portal.

  • Sigil - Tier 2 Zombies and Bosses

  • Elder Sigil - Tier 3 Zombies and Bosses

Taking the appropriate Pack-a-Punch tiered weapon and gear is vital success in the Dark Aether. Also note that the timer is drastically reduced inside the Elder Dark Aether Rift meaning you have to not only contend with much stronger and faster Zombies, but far less time to get your run done.

Possible Rewards:

  • Elder sigils

  • Mags of Holding

  • Blood Burner Key

  • V-R11 Schematic

  • Golden Armor Plate

  • Dog Bone

Complete 'Bunny' Contracts inside the Dark Aether to earn the latest Schematics for Modern Warfare Zombies.


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