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Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition could come sooner than we thought

The internet exploded at the news that Microsoft would be purchasing Activision Blizzard, It looks like the company could be one step closer to completing the deal.


Last March the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) asked Microsoft and Activision Blizzard to share further details as it continued its review of their proposed deal. Thanks to recent reports we have learned that Microsoft has now handed over the information that the FTC requested.

This means that the FTC now has 30 days (because, legal mumbo jumbo) to challenge the acquisition. If the FTC finds no issues with the information they have been handed than the deal can continue on its path to being fulfilled.

It is stated in the legal mumbo jumbo that both Microsoft and Activision Blizzard must provide the requested information before the 30 day period begins. Microsoft has confirmed that they have shared their details with the FTC, but Activision Blizzard hasn't publically stated anything as of yet.

This leaves three different possibilities for an outcome...

  • The FTC can close the investigation down, allowing the deal to go ahead unchallenged.

  • The FTC could enter its own form of negotiation with the companies to have agreed rules added that will make sure the market stays competitive.

  • The FTC could attempt to completely stop the deal from going ahead by filing for a preliminary injuction in a federal court.

It is highly likely, given the reputation and fame of both companies that little to no problems with the paperwork will be found. Both companies would have had huge legal teams working on the deal in the build up to revealing the news to the world, no stone would have been left unturned. Or so we hope atleast.

If Microsoft manages to seal the deal and purchase Activision Blizzard it is speculated that all titles made by the Call of Duty publisher will in some form be available with Xbox Game Pass. The company has a huge catelogue of insanely popular titles under it's belt including Call of Duty, Warzone, World of Warcraft and even Candy Crush.

The deal is also being reviewed by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) which is the UK's equivalent to the FTC. The CMA has set a deadline of September 1st 2022 to give its initial decision on the proceedings. The CMA and FTC, as well as other regional regulators must agree that it can go ahead otherwise the deal could be cancelled.



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