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How to Unlock the Superi 46 SMG in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Season 4

superi 46 mw3

The Superi 46 is an SMG that can be unlocked for Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare Zombies, and Warzone in the upcoming Season 4 Update, this is how you can unlock it and start leveling it up in any game mode.

The Superi 46 is a pistol-caliber carbine chambered with 4.6x30mm and is designed to give impressive stopping power with a skeletonized, lightweight frame. Exceptionally adaptable, this weapon can be modified to excel in most combat scenarios.

How to Unlock the Superi 46

warzone season 4 battle pass overview

The Superi 46 is unlocked by completing Season 4 Battle Pass Tiers. Tiers are earned from time spent in-game. Be it Modern Warfare III Multiplayer, Modern Warfare Zombies, or dropping into Warzone.

  • Superi 46 Unlocked by completing Sector 6 of the S4 Battle Pass

Work your way over to Sector 6 in the Season 4 Battle Pass and unlock each slot for the sector to unlock the Superi 46. If you upgrade to the Blackcell Battle Pass you will receive 20 free Tier Skip Tokens so this weapon can be instantly unlocked.

cognizant rebel superi 46 blueprint

A new Weapon Blueprint can be unlocked for the Superi 46 called Cognizant Rebel that includes the Necrosis Death Effect and Cellular Corruption Tracers. Upgrading to the Blackcell Battle Pass will give you an additional version of this blueprint.

Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 4 will release on May 29.

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