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Updated: Mar 10

| GNG News COD | Published: August 13, 2023 |

DMZ Season 05 introduced a new tab to the Forward Operating Base that allows players to unlock more field equipment. This includes the bonus of being able to infil with a Rebreather, increased number of armor plates and even a self-revive.

Today we are showing you the requirements to unlock the permanently unlock the Armor Box for DMZ.

How to UNLOCK the Armor Box in DMZ

Before you can start collecting the items required to unlock the Armor Box for DMZ you will first need to unlock the Rebreather. The second thing you will need to do is reach level 8 with the Shadow Company Faction.

Once you have done both of these things you will be able to start collecting the items you need to permanently unlock the Armor Box.

Armor Box Unlock Required Items

  • Extract 8 Armor Boxes

  • Extract 4 Drills

  • Extract 5 Screwdrivers

  • Extract 8 Batteries

  • Extract 16 Electronic Components

  • Extract 5 Plastic Explosive Bricks

Once you have extracted all of these items you will be able to equip the Armor Box as a Field Upgrade when gearing up before a match begins.

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