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Updated: Mar 10

| GNG News COD | Published: June 16, 2023 |

Call of Duty: DMZ Season 04 introduced a new style of Faction tasks called Urgent Missions. These Missions act like the Daily Challenges seen in Modern Warfare II Multiplayer or Warzone. Each day you will be given an Urgent Mission by each of the 4 Factions within DMZ. Once completed you will be rewarded with extra Faction Reputation that will level your Faction Tiers and an XP bonus.

There are 4 different challenges you need to complete, one for each Faction, before you can access Urgent Missions. This article details the requirements for each Faction to unlock those extra Missions.

These challenges can be found and tracked with the 'Communications Station' Forward Operating Base tab in the modes main menu.

White Lotus Faction

  • Extract 2 Al Qatala planning diagrams or images.

Crown Faction

  • Reach Reputation Level 2 with the Crown Faction then Extract 3 Classified Documents.

Phalaxn Faction

  • Extract 3 bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide, Cephalexin, or Acetone.

Black Mous Faction

  • Extract with a full backpack with each slot filled.

Completing each challenge for each Faction will unlock Urgent Missions for that Faction. They will refresh every day so you only have 24 hours to complete each mission. Completing Urgent Missions will really speed your Faction Tier leveling so it is well worth the hassle.

From what we have seen so far they are usually fairly simple tasks, such as kill 30 AI or Extract 4 Weapons. They are clearly designed to be easy tasks that help boost players up the Tiers.

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