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How to Complete 'Radio Silence' in Gray Zone Warfare

Updated: Apr 26

| GNG Gaming News | Published: April 21, 2024 |

Radio Silence is a Task handed over by Handshake, Gray Zone Warfare's Equipment Specialist. Players are tasked with finding a radio in the starting town and returning to Base Camp to complete the mission.

Vendor: Handshake

Task: Radio Silence

Objective: Find the isolated house in the southern part of town and neutralize the equipment within.

The isolated house is located on the Southern side of town. We recommend you taxi yourself to LZ Bravo 1, although, Bravo 2 will work just as well. As this location is on the outskirts of town you can move around the edge of the village meaning you will encounter less AI.

The building is found East of 'Motel'. Head upstairs and you will find a Radio on a desk. Interact with the Radio to deactivate it.

Once you have deactivated the Radio, an on-screen notification will let you know that this Task has been completed and now all you need to do is return to Base Camp and collect your rewards.

Rewards: Recon Tactical Rig, $3400, 400 XP, and 100 Reputation with Handshake.


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