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Fortune's Keep 'Locked Armory' Research Vessel Easter Egg Guide Season 2 Reloaded

| GNG News COD | Published: March 10, 2024 |

Fortune's Keep has a total of 7 Easter Eggs for players to solve and complete. The 7th and final Easter Egg was introduced during Season 2 Reloaded with the introduction of the Research Vessel, a ship that sails around the island.

This is a very easy Easter Egg to complete and you will be rewarded with a Loadout cache and many other top tier loot items like vests, masks, and legendary weapons. Plus you will receive a Weapon Charm reward.

Step 1 - Land on the Ship

The Research Vessel has 3 floors. The bottom floor is the tight walkways separated with water, the middle floor is a cargo room, and the top floor is the ships deck. You will need to get to the middle floor as soon as possible.

Step 2 - Find the 'Mysterious Key' on the Middle Floor

There are 3 locations the Mysterious Key can be located. All 3 are on the middle floor and they can be found on the cargo pallets in the room. The Mysterious Key will spawn on a different pallet each time.

Step 3 - Unlock the Locked Armory

Once you have discovered the Mysterious Key, head up to the top deck of the ship. You will find a locked door on the starboard side of the ship (that is the right side or the side closest to the island to those of you who aren't pirates). Interact with the door to unlock the armory.

Locked Armory Easter Egg Rewards

Inside the Locked Armory is high tiered Weapons, Loadout Crates, Gas Masks, and Vests. Upon completion you will also receive a Research Vessel Weapon Charm.

If you have completed all 7 Easter Eggs in Fortune's Keep you will unlock a further secret reward.

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