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Fortune's Keep Bank Security Boxes Easter Egg Guide Warzone Season 2

| GNG Gaming News | Published: February 11, 2024 |

There are a total of 7 Easter Eggs for players to solve and unlock exclusive rewards in Warzones Fortune's Keep in Season 2.

Only 6 of these Secret Challenges has been solved so far with the 7th expected to be related to the Research Vessel that will be added to the map in Season 2 Reloaded.

Today we are showing you how to complete the Bank Security Box Easter Egg.

Step 1 - Find Electric Drills

To complete this Easter Egg you need to find 3 Electric Drills in the Town district of Fortune's Keep.

These Drills will spawn in different location from match to match so you'll need to check all 6 spawn locations until you have gathered 3.

The map above shows the locations that the Electric Drill can spawn in a match of Fortune's Keep. Red dots symbolize the Electric Drill locations and the Yellow dot the Bank where the Easter Egg is completed.

Step 2 - Open the Bank Security Room

The Bank is located in the North East of the Town district in Fortune's Keep, just south of the Graveyard. Head inside and go up the stair case to the 1st floor. On this floor you will see a glass room with a desk in it.

Go prone under the desk and you'll see a big red button. Interact with this button to open the Bank's Security Box Room.

Step 3 - Drill open the Bank Security Boxes

Head into the room and place all 3 drills at the 3 Security Deposit Boxes and let them do their thing. Once all 3 have done you will have completed the Easter Egg and can collect your loot rewards.

Note: Once you begin the Drilling process a loud alarm will trigger - notifying all nearby players that the Bank vault is being raided so watch your back.

You will earn an Animated Calling Card for completing this Easter Egg.

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