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Warzone 2.0, Modern Warfare II and DMZ have all received a healthy dose of content with the mid-season Reloaded event. This article covers the DMZ side of things.



New Features

  • The Koschei Complex New Exclusion Zone

    • Deploy to Al Mazrah and access one of four unique entrances to explore the dark secrets of this facility.

    • Look out for an incoming Intel Drop with a look a DMZ’s newest playspace.


New Items

  • NVGs

    • Gear up and go dark with night vision goggles…


  • Added a UI representation of your dog tag level, and whether or not you have it, to the Backpack UI

  • Added new guaranteed Buy Station and Workbench locations to the Black Market buildings in larger POIs

  • Adjusted enemy combatant spawns and their pathing throughout Al Mazrah

  • Added XP Reward for extracting Weapon Cases beyond regular rewards

  • Gave the Armored Commander (Al Mazrah) a chance to carry the Weapon Case

  • Removed the ability to execute The Bombmaker and Pyro Commanders

  • Added an Overlord voice callout for large squads for all Players: squads larger than 3 Players (assimilation) will now alert other enemies in the area

  • Solos and the last Player eliminated on a squad now have time to “Plea for Help” before being eliminated!

  • Updated out of game UI for the Secure Backpack to match what you see in the Backpack in-game

  • Added a section in the DMZ Challenges menu to track the Koschei Complex challenges


  • Fixed an issue preventing Players from entering Building 21 if they didn’t have the Multiplayer DLC pack installed

  • Fixed an issue causing the train safe to not have bullet or equipment collision.

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Players to die to the out of bounds trigger after exfilling on the Heavy Chopper

  • Fixed an issue where, on rare occasions, the Radiation Blocker animation would make it impossible to use anything after it ends

  • Fixed an issue where pinging the Dog Tag of a disconnected Player triggers an incorrect voice line

  • Fixed an issue where placement of first aid kit loot containers would cause the door to clip into the wall when fully opened

  • Fixed an issue where a helicopter AI reinforcement drop point was directly on top of an Exfil helicopter position in Quarry

  • Fixed an issue where the Mission timer sometimes would not disappear as intended

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect teammate progress would be shown in the Squad Mission Progress tab when a Mission has been completed

  • Fixed an issue where fast draw pistols were not working correctly in DMZ

  • Fixed an issue where AI controlled turrets continued to fire for a brief amount of time after they were destroyed

  • Fixed an issue where the Helicopter Commander was unable to target Players manning vehicle turrets correctly

  • Fixed an issue where personal Exfils would occasionally use an existing active Exfil

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Players to duplicate the Revive Pistol

  • Fixed a bug preventing AI-controlled Sentry Turrets to be affected by DDoS


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