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54 location map for keys found in the popular DMZ mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2.


When playing DMZ you will likely come across random keys found in loot caches, enemy AI bodies and other players bags. Infact, you are EXTREMELY likely to come across at least one key per match. The drop rate of these keys seems insane. It can be daunting looking at all of these keys that only give a brief description and a grid reference to the location of the door they unlock.

Luckily, reddit u/ark_mod has shared their work-in-progress Key Map for Call of Duty DMZ. It has 54 locations of 'locked spaces' that require certain keys to gain entry. This is version 2 of their map with Version 3 in the works as more locations still need to be added. This is no small task to achieve but the level of detail so far is impressive.

We don't know about you but our Key Stash is currently maxed out at 20/20 Keys as we haven't really started to use them yet. This map will be very useful for burning through those keys, obtaining the loot and extracting it back home.


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