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It was reported that Insured Weapon slots would reset at the beginning of Season 02. Infinity ward has confirmed this will not be happening.

| 31 January 2023 |


It was reported earlier this week that DMZ would undergo a 'wipe' much like Escape from Tarkov does. The wipe see's all players loot, level and gear reset back to zero in efforts to level the playing field for all players. Infinity Ward confirmed that Insured Weapon slots are safe from the wipe, leaving many players relieved.

Both CharlieIntel and ModernWarzone reported that Insured Weapon slots would be wiped along with key and weapon stash's when Season 02 begins on 15 February. It would appear the information they were given has been backtracked. We do believe the information they were given was correct and it was from an official source but community backlash at the move forced IW to reverse the move.

The process of unlocking the Insured Weapon slots is not only challenging but hugely time consuming, too. To unlock the second slot players must complete Tier 3 for all 3 Factions, with some very challenging missions included. Unlocking the 3rd slot requires a completion of all tier 5 for any Faction, again, an uncomfortable task.

We're glad to see that, based on community feedback, Infinity Ward, Raven Software and Call of Duty are prepared to reverse decisions that the fans just don't want or need. Warzone 2 Season 02 will launch on February 15 and includes updates to DMZ and Modern Warfare II.


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