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Call of Duty Vortex: War's Domain Challenges and Rewards List

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 4, 2024 |

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III's latest event, Vortex: War's Domain, is now underway. As with previous events some players are facing a bugged menu where they can't see or find the Event TAB so we have put together a list of every reward and how much XP each tier requires.

Vortex: War's Domain

  • 9,500 XP: The Goat (Weapon Sticker)

  • 21,500 XP: 30M Double XP Token (Consumable)

  • 36,900 XP: Through the Smoke (Large Decal)

  • 56,350 XP: 45M Double Weapon XP Token (Consumable)

  • 81,100 XP: Ghost Fire (Charm)

  • 112,450 XP: Skull Fire (Large Decal)

  • 152,300 XP: Volcanic (Emblem)

  • 202,950 XP: A Little Rusty (Calling Card)

  • 267,200 XP: 1H Double Battle Pass XP Token (Consumable)

  • 348,900 XP: Winged Fire (Weapon Sticker)

  • 452,550 XP: 1H Double XP Token (Consumable)

  • 584,250 XP: Forged in Flames (Calling Card)

  • 751,500 XP: Putrid Skulls (Weapon Sticker)

  • 963,950 XP: 1H Double Weapon XP Token (Consumable)

  • 1,233,700 XP: Magma (Animated Weapon Camo)

The final reward during this event is the 'Magma' universal Weapon Camo. It can be applied to any weapon in the Modern Warfare III or Warzone armory.

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