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BEST Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare III Ranked Play Season 1 Reloaded

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 21, 2024 |

Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 1 Reloaded introduced Multiplayer Ranked Play to the latest game in the franchise. We've already made a guide on the BEST Weapons to use in the mode but today we're adding the best Sniper Rifle build.

Due to Pro CDL player GA's (Gentlemen Agreement) that blocks various attachments, equipment and weapons, there isn't much left to choose from when it comes to Sniper Rifles. In fact, it is just 2. The KATT-AMR and the XRK Stalker.

The KATT-AMR is by far the stand-out Sniper from the section available. Although it recently saw several nerfs to it, it is still the better option in both Modern Warfare III MP and Warzone.

Best KATT-AMR for MWIII Ranked Play

  • Barrel: Perdition 24" Short

  • Stock: Tactical Stock Pad

  • Bolt: Ephemeral Quickbolt

  • Rear Grip: Phanton Grip

This build is as straightforward as it gets, with the Tactical Stock Pad, Phantom Grip, and Perdition 24" Short barrel boosting the Sniper's mobility and Aim Down Sight speed as the KATT-AMR is a rather heavy Sniper Rifle.

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