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| GNG News COD | Published: 22 May, 2023 |


The MP5 or Lachmann Sub as it is known in Modern Warfare II is sitting pretty good in the Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play META at the moment. It is versatile, agile and packs a great fire rate with a control-able recoil pattern. It is one of, if not the best Close Range weapon in Season 03 Reloaded.

Lachmann Sub Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play Build

Barrel: L38 Falcon 226mm (+0.29 | -0.3)

Laser: VLK LZR 7MW (-0.21 | -21.3)

Stock: MEER Recoil-56 Factory Stock (-2.93 | -1.49)

Magazine: 40 Round Mag

Ammunition: 9mm Overpressured +P (+0.55 | -7.29)

Control and Stability

This is a very easy-to-use weapon as it has such low recoil, fast fire rate and allows for good movement at the same time. At Close Range it is hard to beat. Those of you that played the first round of Warzone in Verdansk will be right at home with this MP5 META Build.

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