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2 NEW Weapons are coming to Modern Warfare III and Warzone in Season 1 Reloaded

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 11, 2024 |

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Season 1 Reloaded starts on January 17 and it will introduce, new maps, new modes, new bundles and 2 brand new weapons for players to unlock and level-up.

A brand new SMG and LMG will be added to the Modern Warfare III and Warzone arsenal during Season 1 Reloaded.

HRM-9 (SMG) - Unlocked via Armory Challenge

TAQ Evolvere (LMG) - Unlocked via Weekly Challenge

Both weapons will be unlocked by completing Challenges. The HRM-9 is unlocked via Armory Challenges, Armory Challenges are completed by finishing Daily Challenges. The TAQ Evolvere will be the Weekly Challenge reward where you have to finish 5 out of 7 Weekly Challenges.

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