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Shi No Numa: "The One" Song Easter Egg Guide (Vanguard Zombies)

Shi No Numa is back for the 8th time. With it comes some new Easter Eggs, but a couple of the classic ones from World at War have made it back.


"The One"

This is the easiest of all the Easter Eggs. If you have played any variation of this remastered map then you'll likely have come across this one at some point. Once activated you'll get some additional in game music playing. A song called The One.

The One is a Treyarch original song composed and performed by Brian Tuey James, McCawley, and Kevin Sherwood with Elena Siegman laying down the vocals. Sadly, this time around it is just the instrumental version of the song.

How to play the song

Once you've left the main spawn area head towards the Comm Room hut. Open the hut and go into the room on the right hand side. There is a phone on the desk, interact with this phone 3 times. It'll make a noise like its engaged. On the third attempt the song will begin to play.

You can check out the original version from Call of Duty: World at War (2009) below.



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